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Deadline For PAX Prime Submissions Approaches

The whole industry is preparing for the avalanche of geekdom that is E3, but remember that it's not the only gaming convention that should be on your radar.  The west coast Penny Arcade Expo is coming, and deadlines for panelists and developer submissions will soon be upon us.  And if you work as an independent game developer, don't forget about Indiecade as well.

If you want to host a PAX Prime panel, the deadline for speaker submissions is June 14th.  Previous years have yielded sessions including:

How to Break into the Game Industry
Writing in Games
How Marketing and PR in Games Really Works
Blogopodlivecasting: The New Media Lifestyle
Game Industry Nightmares
The Politics of Gaming

If you're a Developer and want to host a Session, or speak at one, the deadline for PAX Dev speaker submissions is June 15.  This is a rolling submission process so several sessions have already been selected but there is still time to submit entries.

If you're an Indie Developer who wants to participate in Indiecade... Well, you're a bit late, but you can still file a Late Submission for a small fee if you get it in by June 15th.  


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