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Deadly Premonition Coming To PS3 This April

Rising Star Games have announced that a Director’s Cut edition of Deadly Premonition will be coming to PlayStation 3 at the end of next month.

On April 30th, PS3 owners in North America will be able to buy the 2010 game, which was only made available for the Xbox 360 upon its initial release.

Apparently the new PS3 Director’s Cut edition of the title features new and improved graphics, a better controls system, and a new scenario. DLC has also been promised.

For those of you who don’t have a clue what Deadly Premonition actually is, here’s a quick summary: it’s an open world horror game set in the fictional town of Greenvale.

You play the role of Francis York Morgan, an FBI Special Agent who has been sent to the aforementioned town to investigate the murder of a young woman. As York it’s your job to solve the murder and find out who is behind a string of incidents known as the ‘Red Seed Murders.'

Upon its release, Deadly Premonition had extremely mixed reviews. Some critics loved it and some critics hated it, but despite some unflattering press, the title still managed to gain a large cult following.

So, are you excited for the arrival of this game? Do you think this new Directors Cut edition will be good enough to make up for the three year wait PS3 users have had for Deadly Premonition? Let us know your thoughts down below.   


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