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Deadpool #30: All Vampires Are Named Dracula! Review

Deadpool is spending the holiday season killing Vampires? A little to late for Vampires don’t ya think? Anyway he's hired by a bunch of Vampires to kill Vampires (more like redundant), the only benefit that Deadpool gets is the factor of being a hero! With this being the last Deadpool issue of 2010, it’s good to see that Daniel Way who’s made the character my favorite comedic character is still writing the Deadpool’s series! Daniel Way, Bong Dazo, Jose Pimentel, and Andres Mossa joins Deadpool in a comic where Vampires try to take on the Merc With A Mouth! 

Short Version

All Vampires are named Dracula, Nuff’ Said.

Long Version

Deadpool # 30 CovewrDeadpool is one of the most awesome characters in comics! He’s got his face basically everywhere now a days. In this issue, Deadpool agrees to be hired by a bunch of good Dracula’s (Vampires) who want protection from evil Dracula’s (still Vampires); that want to kill the good ones and also destroy the hospital that the Dracula’s are funding. Reluctantly Deadpool eventually helps them because he feels compassion and wants to help the hospital, so really you can see how this turns out.

This 30th issue of Deadpool really is funny. While not drawn by Paco Medina (whom is the artist since Deadpool #1) I still enjoyed Bong Dazo’s artwork. The story was written good, if Daniel Way doesn’t have Deadpool’s stories down yet I can’t think of anyone who can replace him. Incorporating Xarus from the Curse of the Mutant’s story arc was great because I like how Deadpool’s stories intertwine with other major events in the Marvel Universe.

Daniel Way is the guy that has made Deadpool annoying, likeable and insane more than any writer that has portrayed him. I think he is one of the best people that can just let Deadpool be Deadpool, so if you haven’t been reading any of Deadpool’s stuff then start right now! His writing for Deadpool shows that he isn’t intelligent, but you can also see that Deadpool is really smart. That sort of doesn’t make since, but when it comes to Deadpool’s story arcs this works perfectly for his character.

Bong Dazo’s artwork is really good. While I still enjoy Paco Medina’s work on the series, I’m always open to artist that can still make the character look cool. It’s probably Daniel’s writing that helped me enjoy Bong’s artwork. If anyone just took up and wrote the series, it wouldn’t be that enjoyable. I like how he tries to mix in his own art portrayal of Paco’s artwork, however I always liked Bong Dazo’s work on the Merc With a Mouth series. If anything at all, he’s one of the few people that make Deadpool... well, Deadpool.

This is the last Deadpool comic of 2010 folks, and if you’ve been following Deadpool since issue 1, you can either do two things. Get off the party train, or continue to ride it till the end! For those new readers wanting to get into the awesomeness of this series check out the, “Want You To Want Me” story arc with Deadpool joining the X-Men. Overall the story of Deadpool fighting Dracula’s is interesting, I wonder how long this will carry on, but overall this is a 7.1 out of 10.

Story - 7.8

Artwork - 4.5

All Vampires are Named Dracula - 9.0

Overall - 7.1



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