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Deadpool #32 – Hero and Deadpool Don’t Mix

Tired of being hated and feared as one of the greatest Mercenaries in the world, Deadpool is trying to find his inner hero. However how long will Deadpool be the “Hero with a Mouth”? Not long fans! Deadpool will be taking on an alien with a vendetta and will do it absolutely free! If you think Deadpool is going to stick with not getting paid then you better leave the series. Daniel Way writes Deadpool issue 32 and artwork is by Sheldon Vella.

Short Version

Hero and Deadpool don’t mix.

Long Version

Cover to Deadpool 32Deadpool is seen opening up at a motel watching TV and eating Junk food. Watching himself on TV, Deadpool realizes that he has to clear his good name (once again, okay always). An alien with a biker mustache comes looking to kill Deadpool if he doesn’t give him his money (being smarter than he appears) Deadpool gives him gold, but blows him up. Talking to his other mind Deadpool’s, they consider finishing him off but instead decides to clear his name then kill someone. Meeting with an old contact from his past he decides to kill Macho (the alien) for free and goes out into an all out war.

Being the hero, Deadpool protects the family that he was originally hired by (trying) to be the hero. By succeeding in being the hero Deadpool takes the battle outside and looses his arm. Eventually, Deadpool wins the fight and decides to never be a hero, but a Mercenary! He accomplishes fighting and killing Macho by sending him into space then blowing him up!  

Daniel Way is really good as the writer for Deadpool. Having done all 32 issues of Deadpool is really good dedication in a series. I guess when you have one good writer on the series there is no need to change. Right? While most readers would like to see a writer change in the series, I continually want Daniel to continue with the series. Having created so many great comedic story arc’s/one-shots for Deadpool it’s amazing that he is one of the most greatest Deadpool writers yet!

Sheldon Vella is an excellent artist. All artists that I have seen on this series have been great as the temporary replacement for Paco Medina. Sheldon does a great job at conveying Deadpool as a comedic and agile character, the panel with Deadpool standing out of the Motel he blew up was amazing; especially really creative with Daniel Way adding the conversation.

OH YEAH!!Deadpool is done with his war against crime as the mighty heroic Deadpool! Not!! So here is the recap. Deadpool is tired of being feared and hated as a Merc With A mouth, and goes around the country seeking heroic acts! First traveling to San Francisco to join the X-Men but was only offered a “probational membership” and after he tried to solve the X-men’s problems “no membership”. He tried to learn from Spider-Man in New York, but a monkey in a suit stopped his plans. Las Vegas was a big mistake as Deadpool found out that jobs have “responsibilities”. And in recent times he saved a bunch of Dracula’s from being killed by Dracula’s – and in the end he never got the girl. So you can see what is the point of being the hero if you don’t get the girl? 

Artwork – 2.0

Writing – 8.4

Story – 10.0

Overall – 6.8



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