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Deadpool Gets 250th Issue… and also Killed

The beloved “Merc with a mouth” is getting a special 250th issue with the release of Deadpool #45. If you find that sentence confusing, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your number-recognition skills. Marvel Comics is doing some legacy numbering, combining the various Deadpool series and mini-series to come up (“creatively,” in their own words) with the notion that issue #45 of the current Deadpool series will be the 250th solo issue of the character to be printed (though it also counts the Cable and Deadpool series, so it’s not strictly solo issues). This calls for congratulations to Wade Wilson!  

Deadpool #45 cover

  Except there is a second part to Marvel’s press release, and that part has news that Wade will likely receive less favorably. He is going to die at the end of the issue. You might be thinking, “Well, Deadpool dies pretty regularly. NBD.” However, it sounds like this death will be for real. Along with the departure of Wolverine, Marvel is lately going after their unkillable characters. Obviously, this being a comic book, Deadpool will probably return at some point. For the short term, though, it sounds like he will follow Logan into that big ol’ bullpen in the sky.   Deadpool #40   It certainly appears that will Deadpool #250/#45 will be a big exit, though. The issue will be 96 whopping pages! Joining regular writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn will be comedians and writers like Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas (both of The League TV show), Mike Drucker, Scott Aukerman (of Comedy Bang! Bang!), Nick Giovanetti, and others. Art will be handled by Scott Koblish, Mike Hawthorne, and others. There will be a main story, capping off the current Deadpool storyline, as well as a full-length back-up involving Deadpool and the Infinity Gauntlet. There will also be a number of shorter Deadpool stories throughout the issue. Deadpool #250/#45 will be published by Marvel Comics this April.


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