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DeathSpank sequel to arrive in September

Ron Gilbert of Hothead Games has revealed via his Twitter page that the second part of Death Spank will be released next month. "Yes, it is true! Part 2 of #deathspank is being released next month!" 

DeathSpank is a hack and slash action RPG which falls somewhere in between Monkey Island and Diablo. The first part was only released as recently as July for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

This second part has been developed alongside the original and contains mores quests, more bosses and a new co-op character. The producer Hamish Millar told GameSpot that the first DeathSpank was designed as an introduction for players to get into the universe. Where as now with the second part they wanted to redefine what could be in terms of weapons, what worlds Deathspank can travel to, and what sort of creatures and characters and enemies he can face.

This second part of DeathSpank, which is called Thongs of Virtue, will be arriving late in September for both PSN and Xbox Live, and should be priced similarly to the first part. 


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