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Deathstroke Returns to the New 52

Deathstroke was one of the first series to get cut from the New 52 line up. This year the comic book character has hit mainstream popularity with Manu Bennet’s portrayal of the character on the CW television show Arrow.

DC announced this week that Deathstroke will be returning in his own ongoing series again this October, which probably means we will learn more about the series during New York Comic Con. Tony S. Daniel will be the writer and artist on the title. Sandu Florea is also slatted to do the artwork for the series. Tony S. Daniel currently does the artwork on Wonder Woman/Superman and recently wrote some issues of Action Comics.

I am personally very excited about this announcement. Slade Wilson deserves a second chance with a great creative team, and I can’t think of anyone better than Tony S. Daniel.



What do you guys think about Deathstroke returning to the New 52 line up? Do you like the new creative team? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • DMaster

    Supremely disappointing. Tony Daniel is not particularly interesting as artist or writer, and of the MANY worthwhile series that have been lost (e.g. Demon Knights, Dial H, Vibe, Sword of Sorcery, Captain Atom, and more), THIS thing is what’s being brought back. A book that DC had SO much faith in, they put Rob Liefeld in charge of both writing and pencils, only to cancel it within less than a year of his run when he decided to leave DC, and they didn’t renew. Yippee.

    Of course, MAYBE it’ll be good and I’ll eat my words, but I won’t be picking it up either way. DC’s cancelled far too many books I HAVE cared about for me to pick up something for a character I’ve never been particularly invested in, with a creative team I have little interest in.

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