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Defiance: Final Ark Hunter Chronicle Episode Released

The final episode in the Defiance mini blog ‘Ark Hunter Chronicle’ series has been released today. 

Named, “It’s Never Over,” the last episode follows our three Ark Hunters into the brutal world of the battlefield.


Beginning at the start of February this year, the above mini-series is split into seven parts and was created as a way to, “…give future Ark Hunters a look into the world of Defiance."

Released at the beginning of this week (April 2nd to be exact) on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, Defiance is an open world, MMO shooter set in a world where both humans and aliens are fighting for survival. The ‘Ark Hunters’ are the people who you control and they are basically the ‘specialized soldiers’ of the realm.  

Defiance however, is not just your average huge online shooter. You see developers Trion Worlds have also made Defiance into a TV Series. Premiering on the SyFy channel on April 16th, the course of events in the show will actually affect and alter the story for the game and vice versa.

How this will actually work in practice, this writer isn’t too sure but the concept does sound pretty interesting, not to mention extremely exciting.

So, is this something you’re planning to be a part of? Or do you prefer your games to be a singular or small grouped experience rather than a mass one?

What about this type of game; is it geared for consoles or should they stick to the PC format with MMOs? Let us know you thoughts down below.


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