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Demiurge Studios Announces Shoot Many Robots

The title pretty much says it all, and the new video released today confirms it.  In the new downloadable arcade game Shoot Many Robots, you will discharge projectiles at a large number of automatons.  It even has four-player online co-op to quadruple the number of lead balls launched at metallic beings.

It's made by Demiurge Studios who have worked on some high profile games for other other developers, including Mass Effect, Brothers In Arms, and Borderlands, however this is their first original IP for a game.  You will, no doubt, see a notable similarity to Borderlands in some design aspects of the game in the video below, although here its combined with 2.5-D graphics and gameplay.

Described as a "Robot Murder Simulator", the game has standard run 'n' gun action similar to the Contra titles, with side-scrolling shooting, a sense of humor and an unabashed goal of mindless violence.  We all love artsy-smartsy games, but it's nice to just blow stuff up every now then without having to interpret the damned symbolism.

Release date isn't set yet, but Shoot Many Robots is expected for a 2011 release as a downloadable title for PC and consoles.  Price hasn't been announced yet either, but games of this sort typically go for ten-fifteen dollars.


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