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Denis Leary set for “Spider-Man” reboot

Denis Leary is set to play a role in Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog states that he will play George Stacy, father of love interest Gwen Stacy who in the comics ran into Peter Parker’s alter ego on a regular basis as a police officer.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are set to play Peter and Gwen, while veteran actors Sally Field and Martin Sheen will play Peter’s Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Garfield broke through to mainstream audiences this past year with David Fincher's The Social NetworkStone sealed her stardom with the surprisingly good teen comedy Easy A.

The size of Leary's role is unknown, but casting a well-known actor of his status, not to mention everyone else who’s currently involved, suggests that the studio is persistent on enlisting the talents of recognizable actors.

Not counting his involvement with the Ice Age films, Leary hasn’t been in a theatrical release since The Secret Lives of Dentists, which came out in 2002, but there's no need to worry about his acting chops: since 2004 he’s been on the hit television series Rescue Me, which garnered him critical acclaim and an Emmy Award.



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