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Destiny will be announced soon by Bungie

It's been a little over two years since Bungie's last venture into the game world, Halo: Reach. This was their last hand in the Halo universe before 343 Industries took over, leaving many waiting for Bungie to release a new IP. And the wait is finally over... almost.

On Februrary 17th, Bungie plans to let us into the world of Destiny for the first time. After a small leak last year of Bungie's project, they were forced to share some initial details of Destiny, but now a real announcement is upon us. Although there is little known about the plot, it will be exciting to see where Bungie heads next in their endeavors. Throughout the entirety of their involvement with Halo, Bungie showed they know how to make a franchise and engross the world in it. Hopefully they can do it again here, and give gamers a new world to be excited about exploring.

For those who want to be on top of this announcement, their Facebook and Google+ are a great place to start, as well as their Youtube and Twitter accounts. Check back on the 17th as we go into detail about their announcement for Destiny.


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