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Destiny’s First Expansion Coming December 9th

"New Missions, Loot & More Are Coming to Destiny This December"
The Dark Below, the first Destiny expansion, is coming December 9th. Bungie announced the release date of the expansion today and also revealed some of the content that The Dark Below will add to Destiny.

The Dark Below will raise the light level cap from 30 to 32. Along with an increase to the level cap, The Dark Below will bring new loot for players to find. New armor, weapons, helmets, and more. The Dark Below will also add a new raid and a new strike. If you own Destiny on PS4 or PS3 you will also get an extra strike, which is a timed exclusive. Bungie has confirmed it will be released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One at some point in the future.
All consoles will receive new crucible maps and some new challenges. All of this will cost players $20. For players who bought the $35 season pass they will get this expansion when it launches on December 9th.


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