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Details on the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection

A new post on the official PlayStation blog outlines the bonus features that will be included on the Blu-Ray disc featuring the HD remasterings of two of the PS2's best games, including a newer look at their spiritual sucessor. I haven't exactly been jumping to buy games I've already played again, but some of the features here, along with getting to see two games with unique and remarkable art design with improved visuals, has me somewhat tempted.

There will be several videos on the disc, revealing behind the scenes footage from the creation of both games. There will also be a twenty minute roundtable discussion between a few of the biggest names who worked on the games, including creator Fumito Ueda, and a video that will show the inner workings of the studio, including brand new footage of The Last Guardian.

This is all in addition to stuff we already knew, like the fact that it has full 1080p graphics, 3D support, 7.1 surround sound, and dynamic themes for both games. And being a PS3 release, there are of course trophies for both games. The blog goes on to provide the full listing:



  • Enlightenment (Platinum)
  • Rescue (Bronze)
  • Failure (Bronze)
  • Armed and Ready (Silver)
  • East Gate (Silver)
  • West Gate (Silver)
  • Farewell (Silver)
  • Royal Arms (Gold)
  • Emancipation (Gold)
  • Split the Watermelon (Gold)
  • Spiked Club (Gold)
  • Shining Sword (Gold)
  • Bench Warmer (Gold)
  • Express Journey (Gold)
  • Castle Guide (Gold)
  • Unscathed Escape (Gold)

Shadow of the Colossus

  • Wander and the Colossus (Platinum)
  • Valley Wanderer (Bronze)
  • The Sloth (Bronze)
  • Disturbed Sleep (Bronze)
  • Path of Gravestones (Bronze)
  • Aerial Dance (Bronze)
  • Entombed Giant (Bronze)
  • Waves of Thunder (Bronze)
  • Wall Scaler (Bronze)
  • Slumbering Caveman (Bronze)
  • Unknown Tracks (Bronze)
  • Guardian Unleashed (Bronze)
  • Silent Thunder (Bronze)
  • Signs in the Sky (Bronze)
  • Shielded Guardian (Bronze)
  • Valley of the Fallen (Bronze)
  • Final Colossus (Bronze)
  • The Forbidden (Silver)
  • Wander and the Forbidden (Silver)
  • Climber (Gold)
  • Hang Glider (Bronze)
  • Resistance (Silver)
  • Collector (Silver)
  • Meticulous Collector (Gold)
  • Slippery Ride (Bronze)
  • Agro Circus (Silver)
  • Cornucopia (Gold)
  • Tower of Prayer (Silver)
  • Endangered Lizards (Gold)
  • Stalwart Wander (Gold)
  • Mighty Wander (Gold)
Go ahead and begin speculating what those will all be as you count down the days to the collection's release, and also wonder what the "special treat" the blog hints at for PAX will be.


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