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Details on the New Xbox 360

The new Xbox 360, which is being released this week for the masses, is now in the hands of several video game editors and reviewers. Here's all the hardware specs:

-Touch sensitive on/off buttons and eject

-Built in 802.11n Wi-Fi

-Ports for optical audio, A/V, HDMI, Ethernet, Kinect, and 5 USB ports

-New smaller power supply

-One large fan rather than two, which is placed deliberately on the side for better acoustics and "whisper quiet" sound

-250 GB memory

-Built-in transfer memory and a separate retail HDD transfer cable for $19.99   


A few more things of note about the new Xbox are details such as only A/V cables come with the Xbox again, a smaller and thinner case, all accessories and controllers come in black, and the Xbox is lighter than before, so if you're the kind of guy who moves around your Xbox a lot, you're in luck.

The slim Xbox 360 is locked in as the only Xbox 360 now, with older models of Xbox 360 being sold until stock runs out, and then the slim is the only version. The new Xbox 360 is being released this week for $299.                    


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