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Deus Ex Earnings: Will Square Enix Make a Comeback?

According to Eurogamer and the Square Enix earnings reports, Square Enix has had a dreadfully bad year so far, partly due to the problems with one of their entries in their trademark "Final Fantasy" franchise, Final Fantasy XIV.

Now, many things could be said about the "Final Fantasy" franchise at this point, or comments made about Square Enix's attempts to enter the MMO market. But what remains at the end of the day is that Square Enix, even with their AAA titles of "Kingdom Hearts" and "Final Fantasy," is doing poorly this year.

Will their partnership with Eidos Interactive help save them?

The next title in the "Deus Ex" series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is set to hit markets next week and gaming sites and blogs are all abuzz. Even we here at Player Affinity have caught the "Deus Ex" bug, and we are as excited to play it as anyone can be. Certainly, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has the potential to bring Square Enix back from the brink.

But hopefully Square Enix avoids a potential problem this time. With "Final Fantasy," it could be said that Square Enix is so accustomed to "Final Fantasy" fans and profiting off of the franchise (Final Fantasy VII remains a hot IP for them, even after all these years) that a common complaint against them now is that they just crank out "Final Fantasy" games and still expect strong sales.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a sequel. Will it be 'just a Deus Ex sequel' with all flash and no substance, depending on the fans of the original to buy it? Or will Square Enix pay attention to the gaming experience and the substance of the game?

"Deus Ex" could help them recover sales, but depending on how it performs, it could also sink Square Enix further and further into the hole, thus taking more and more effort to turn a profit for the year.

Here's to hoping.


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