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Deus Ex: HR Development Talk

In a recent interview, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director Jean-Francois Dugas and Producer David Anfossi talk about the game's development and shed a little light on what they would like to accomplish with the project. Being fans of the original Deus Ex, which saw its fair share of Game of the Year awards, they explain why the team wanted to see the title adopt a new style—while remaining true to the original. “It was important for us to see Deus Ex: Human Revolution as a new IP. We wanted to re-imagine this world.” Dugas goes on to explain that “when you look at the endings of the other Deus Ex games, the future is looking pretty grim.” Human Revolution is set in 2027, fifteen years before the original; in this time period, ungovernable technological advancements and monolithic corporations rule the world.


In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you assume the role of Adam Jensen, a security expert and victim of a savage attack during the opening sequences of the game. Following this event Jensen becomes the unwilling recipient of cybernetic augmentation—making him much like the “mechs” of the first game. Dugas and Anfossi stated that they thoroughly analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the first two games while developing Human Revolution. The atmosphere, story, characters and RPG elements were sound, but the action suffered. They went on to explain how in previous titles, the action was very stat-based and that players were penalized, which made for a “clumsy combat experience.” Dugas and Anfossi have confirmed that the shooting in Human Revolution will be much more streamlined and more forgiving. The trade-off is that players will need to adapt to their surroundings more by choosing their weapon layout carefully, using cover effectively, and planning their attacks by prioritizing targets. The result is a stealth-action game that is more sleek and muscular, but which still stays true to the original.


The game can be played a few different ways: stealth, non-lethal, and aggressive. Dugas claims that “you can play the entire game without killing anyone, save for the boss fights ...It makes for a more challenging experience, but it’s very rewarding.” Anfossi added that they want players to “create a personalized version of Jensen and decide his approach.” However you decide to play, the decisions you make will be monitored and will reflect which consequences you must face. Dugas states that he is most exited for players to absorb the world of Human Revolution, which he explains reads like a graphic novel—one that players will not want to put down. “We want it to be perfect,” added Anfossi. Both team members also confirmed that the previous titles would not need to be played in order to accurately draw from the new title. “The new fans won’t feel left behind; this game stands on its own.” At the same time, older fans will be able to make the connections once they analyze the game and may benefit from having past experience in the franchise.


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