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Deus Ex Human Revolution Coming To Mac

I'm not ashamed to admit that I played the original Deus Ex on a Macintosh Powerbook.  That $3,000 slab of black plastic had 8 MEGS of VRAM but was still the most powerful laptop Apple made at the time.  It was just barely able to run the game but it brought me hours of portable cyberpunk joy eleven years ago.  Now a new generation of Mac gamers with their fancy Intel processors with be able to enjoy the latest Deus Ex game thanks to a port made by Feral Interactive.

Feral has a good track record in porting blockbuster PC games ot the Mac, and they're responisble for Apple Geniuses having acces to Borderlands game of the Year Edition, Bioshock and the Lego series among many others, so Deus Ex: Human Revolution seems to be in good hands.  

There's no formal release date, but a loose estimate of Winter 2011/2012 was given.  Feral's press release says that "The Feral surgeons are still fine-tuning the game’s cybernetic upgrades, but we’ll send out a transmission as soon as the robotic limbs are working properly and a definite release date is in sight".  Mac gamers can see what they've been missing with our reviews of Human Revolution on the PC, Xbox and PS3.


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