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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Gets First Official Trailer

Square-Enix has released the first official trailer and press release on Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut, and it announces some new features coming to it.

According to the press release, the Wii U version will include a built-in strategy guide that’ll be access via the Gamepad. The guide will cover the entire game, and both the Missing Link and Tong’s Rescue add-ons.

Also hitting the Director’s Cut is Miiverse support. Accessing “Infologs” will allow players to sift through drawings, screenshots, voice recording and typed notes that they’ll be able to post on Nintendo’s social network.

It seems players are able to play around with some control options as well. The Wii U version will allow the Gamepad to become your scope for sniping. You will be able to lift the Gamepad and use motion to aim your crosshairs to allow more precision aiming while seeing the battlefield around you with the TV. Also available are off-TV play and southpaw control schemes for those who want their analog sticks swapped.

A new augmentation was detailed, the Tactical Pattern-Recognition System, which will allow the player to view Jensen’s POV via the Gamepad. Using this will allow players to point the Gamepad to enemies and scan them for details like health and armor-types. You will be able to move and shoot without having to leave this mode.

It seems Eidos is planning to milk every bit of memory that the 25GB Wii U disks hold with English, French, Italian, German and Spanish voice overs and subtitles.

Lastly, the trailer lists the Nintendo eShop logo in the end, which means that the game will have a digital release as well as physical.

For the full list of features on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, check out the list below. While it seems like a lot of unique features are splashed all over the game, I previewed the game at PAX East and liked the fact that while there’s a lot of stuff hitting the Director’s Cut, its additions are actually subtle during normal gameplay. The bigger deal is that boss fights have been redone for whatever type of Deus Ex player you want to be and augmentations are able to be used more often to spice up the action.


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