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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided E3 2016 Gameplay

"Deus Ex team shows off the gameplay focus of their upcoming release"
The makers of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided have really strutted their stuff with today’s new lengthy gameplay trailer. https://youtu.be/3xSRnVKFJU0 This trailer, which lasts nearly 18 minutes, showcases some of the main gameplay features that the Deus Ex team seem to be focusing on the most. The footage centers on the game’s initial city-hub and takes us through Adam Jensen’s apartment, to the neighborhood around it, all the way through what appears to be the first main quest-line. Along the way, it highlights the game’s main features, including an extensive array of objects to interact with, an in-depth modification system with which to customize your very own Adam Jensen, the return of the hacking system, and the game’s overall focus on using multiple approaches to each obstacle. All of that is not even mentioning how sleek the graphics and the gameplay look. Adam looks unmistakably badass, and the world itself maintains a gloomy, depressing atmosphere while still showing off a glossy coat of polish. Things are looking good for the latest Deus Ex, and the long trail of trailers demonstrates just that. All of this is leading up to a promising release on August 23 of this year.


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