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Dev Diary For “A Game Of Dwarves”

Those pointy-eared elves might get all the attention, but everyone knows who does all the real work in a fantasy world: Dwarves!  Today at the Game Developers Conference, Paradox Interactive announced A Game Of Dwarves where these stout beard-enthusiasts get to take center stage, with no prissy elves prancing around.

It’s a fortress-building/ resource management game that also has combat as the vertically-challenged heroes fight off invading orcs.  Fans of all things Dwarven will be happy to hear that this game is developed by Zeal Game Studios who created last year’s Dwarfs!?  But this is no quickie sequel or expansion pack, rather A Game Of Dwarves is a much more elaborate, and graphically-superior project when compared to the original Dwarfs!?

A Developer diary featuring Robin Flodin explains the basic ideas behind the new game.  It includes a good deal of gameplay footage that shows the combat, fortress construction and resource harvesting.

A Game Of Dwarves will be published by Paradox Interactive and is due out in the third quarter of 2012 for PC and Playstation Network.  Pricing and exact release dates aren’t yet available, and there’s no word on an Xbox 360 or Wii edition.  Check back with Player Affinity for more preview coverage in the months ahead.


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