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Developer Walkthrough of Deus Ex DLC

Were you wondering what happened to Adam Jensen when he was in that storage crate for a few days during that one mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?  Really?  You were?  Well, that's a little obsessive, but I suppose you'll be glad to hear that the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC, Missing Link will provide five hours of gameplay devoted to explaining this loose end.

It will give players a chance to go back to basics as Jensen starts off the mission with most of his cybernetic augmentations turned off, and his equipment missing (Don't worry, you get it all back eventually).  You can see it in action with this newly-released video that offers five minutes of gameplay narrated by Eidos Montreal's Lead Narrative Designer Mary DeMarle.  The price and release date aren't yet announced, but it's coming in October, and will almost certainly run 800 Microsoft Points, or ten dollars for PC and PSN players.

If you haven't tried the game yet, read our glowing reviews of the Xbox,  PC and PS3 versions.


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