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Developers Talk DualShock 4

Sony released a video yesterday, which sees a handful of developers going into some depth about the features of the DualShock 4.

Having being revealed at the Playstation Meeting earlier this year, not much had been explained about the PS4 controller that is up until now.

Among the features discussed are the introduction of the ‘Share’ button, which will allow the gamer to record or take a screenshot of any gameplay and upload it instantly, thereby eliminating all the pesky editing, which has to be done now before you can share a video.

Producer Nicolas Doucet briefly talks about the touchpad at the top of the controller, mentioning only that it is “multi-touch” and is apparently “very comfortable to play.” The introduction of the speaker is also talked about, where according to Mr Doucet, …more personal or intimate moments will come out of,” opposed to the TV.

Arguably the most impressive feature to be talked however is the blue sensor at the front of the DualShock. This tracks the controller’s movements and when passed to another player or when a person changes seating position, if a split screen game is being played at that time, it will change the position of the split screen to accommodate the gamers. Pretty neat right.

Despite all these fancy new gadgets though, Sony have yet to explain where the ‘Start’ or ‘Select’ buttons have gone and how exactly people are going to pause games or go to the menu page. We’re guessing the ‘Options’ button parallel to the ‘Share’ button will act as the ‘Select’ button but what about ‘Start?’ Will the PS Button be doing this? Or will we have to shake the controller four times and cast a magic spell? Our guess is as good as yours.


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