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Devil May Cry E3 Trailer

Capcom has shown off a new trailer for their upcoming reboot of character action franchise Devil May Cry. As expected, the complete overhaul of the main character, Dante, is still in the cards. Gone is the gothic/punk inspired hero of twelve years ago and he has been replaced with a more modern and fresh interpretation of his predecessor. The trailer seems to carry a new tone for the franchise. There are no cheesy lines, in fact Dante has nothing to say at all, which is not at all typical for the series. The over the top action associated with the series maintains and it appears as though Capcom has tried to push it even further, perhaps because of the high standard that have been set by Bayonetta. Overall, it seems as per usual for the Devil May Cry series, which is somewhat disappointing given they had a real chance to mix things up with this reboot.


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