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Devil May Cry Film Might (Finally) Happen

There had been talk for eight years about a film adaptation of Capcom’s “Devil May Cry” franchise, but little developments had occurred outside of rumors. Now, Variety reports that the series is moving forward with a film adaptation, as Screen Gems—the company behind the “Resident Evil” film franchise—has acquired the film rights to the “Devil May Cry” series. The fact that Kyle Ward, who just finished writing the screen adaptation of Kane & Lynch for Lionsgate, has been signed to pen the script means (this time!) they’re serious about getting it made.

The first Devil May Cry focuses on a half-demon/half-human hunter named Dante, armed with sarcasm that is only matched by his supernatural strength and love of red trench coats. Approached by a woman named Trish, Dante is led to an island where a demon emperor named Mundus is said to be making a return to Earth. As Dante blames Mundus for the death of his family, you can imagine all kinds of ass-kicking ensue.

There’s certainly an audience for the proposed adaptation as the series has sold over 10 million copies worldwide since it’s first game was released in 2001. Brimming with over-the-top style and sets, the series certainly has enough cinematic elements to warrant a crossover into film. Yes, the idea of an adaptation has lingered forever, but with Screen Gems’ history regarding Capcom signature series, it’s a safe bet the film will see the light of day yet.


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