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Diablo 3: Beta Details and More Announced

A ton of Diablo 3 news came out this week, some of it good, some of it bad, but all of it important to read for anyone looking at getting the long awaited third game in the legendary action RPG series by Blizzard Entertainment.

The first bit of news is somewhat unsurprising, but still unfortunate. Blizzard has announced that Diablo 3 will only be playable with a constant internet connection. This follows on shortly after Ubisoft proclaimed their constant connection DLC 'a success' earlier this week. Blizzard revealed that much like Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 is set to use their Battle.Net platform and will require a constant internet connection.

With even game developers like Valve moving towards microtransactions in games, it's not quite a shock that the other Diablo 3 news this week is that the game will feature an auction house in which players will be able to buy and sell in-game items for real world money. This has many fans up in arms due to the possible inbalance it could create for the games multiplayer community.

The last bit of news that came out was that Blizzard have stated that mods will be 'Expressely Prohibited' for Diablo 3. This is quite a shock considering that massively warm approach they have taken to the Starcraft 2 modding community. While Diablo 3 doesn't yet have a release date, gamers looking forward to the game should check out the soon-to-be-released Torchlight 2.


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