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Diablo III In Open Beta Now

It's going to be a busy weekend for gamers, with Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier having its beta test this weekend, and now Blizzard has thrown open the floodgates with an open beta for Diablo III.

The beta test runs from now through Monday the 23rd at 10a.m. Pacific time.  Players can try all five playable classes, but will have a level cap at thirteen.  Players don't need to have an existing account on Battle.net or any sort of invitation.  This event is being described as a "Stress Test", so expect to encounter lag and other inconveniences as Blizzard puts their servers through the wringer in preparation for the game's big launch next month.

Diablo III arrives for PC on May 15th (No official console confirmation at this time). Check back with Player Affinity for our preview coverage in the weeks ahead, and our full review after launch.  You can see all the details about this weekend stress test on Blizzard's website.


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