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Diablo III: What is Next For the World’s Fastest Selling Game?

It seems that Blizzard are taunting fans with the idea of a second expansion to the world's fastest selling game Diablo III, after a poll was leaked asking players how likely they are to play another expansion so soon after Reaper of Souls was released. What does this mean for the game and would it generate the same popularity as Reaper of Souls?
I am a big fan of the Diablo series and have poured hundreds of hours into the game. The day Reaper of Souls came out I played the game the whole day and for a further week and it was great... but I haven't revisited it in around a month or so. I don't know why this is, maybe just because I'm playing other games at the moment, but maybe I feel the game didn't have enough substance. However, I should probably revisit it before I completely write it off. Rumors then surface that Blizzard is already looking into it's next release with screenshots of a poll asking if people are interested in a new expansion which would take some fans by surprise being how soon it is after the release of the first expansion.
It is too soon to be even thinking about a new expansion yet as Reaper of Souls still has it's training wheels on and after good sales figures there are many people fighting their way to the reaper like myself so maybe discussion of a new expansion is a little premature, but then again Blizzard need to plan for the future. There are still many things they need to implement into the current expansion and PVP which had been promised for a long while has finally been released as brawling and they have added more into the game of course with the addition of adventure mode which I feel is a great addition to the game, but where could they go now? They seem to have rounded off all the fundamentals of the game which has made it so successful and it is hard to see what they could implement into another expansion that hasn't already been done. The obvious first step would be a new storyline which would be a definite inclusion with maybe a new character to introduce to the story but as far as features go, it is hard to think how else they could progress the game.
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From a business perspective however, they have to start planning way in advance and I'm sure that when they released Diablo III they already had the wheels in motion for Reaper of Souls, or at least the business plan and release date and they had plenty of time to plan it. The expansion shipped over 2.7 million copies in it's first week with the original game hitting nearly 15 million sales across all platforms meaning nearly 1/5th of all Diablo fans is now playing Reaper of Souls. With the amount of money they would make from another expansion would mean it definitely would be a smart move from Blizzard and it seems that internally, they are already discussing it. The game recovered from a terrible first week with a huge amount of errors and negative press from fans and the community in general but has recovered to be a staple title in most PC gamers' diets.
I can't see this expansion being released before the end of 2015 and I would expect a 2016 release giving plenty of time for Blizzard to work on the next incantation of it's popular Diablo series. Hopefully there will be more released about this in the future, but for now at least we know Blizzard has the plans in their minds.


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