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Diagram for Delinquents Reaches Kickstarter Goal

With only ten days left to go, the Sequart Research & Literacy Organization's upcoming documentary Diagram for Delinquents has reached its 6,000 goal! Now that's not to say that you shouldn't still support the project as every dollar helps. In fact that's all they are asking for is a dollar. Of course if you want some extra goodies then feel free to donate more.

Here's what Sequart had to say:

Sequart is in the home stretch of the Kickstarter campaign for Diagram for Delinquents, the upcoming documentary film about the most hated man in comics history: psychiatrist Fredric Wertham.

Beginning in the late 1940s, Wertham began publishing articles linking comic books to juvenile delinquency. His work culminated in his now-infamous book, Seduction of the Innocent. Burnings of comics were reported across the United States, and Congress held hearings into the matter, which helped spur the creation of the self-censoring body the Comics Cods Authority (only just recently dropped by DC and Archie Comics).

Featuring interviews from comics scholars and professionals, Diagram for Delinquents: Fredric Wertham and the Evolution of Comic Books seeks to place the story of Wertham and his effects on comics into a historical context. To illustrate this story, the documentary will use Wertham’s own files, which were only made public in late 2010 and have mostly never been seen before.

To make this film a reality, we need your help! There are just ten days to go to fund this project, and every bit, even $1, helps and is appreciated. This campaign’s goal is $6,000, but we’re hoping to exceed that in order to buy some needed equipment and make this film even better.

In return for your contribution, we’re offering an array of rewards, including credits in the film. If you’ve ever wanted to be on IMDB and/or help a documentary get made, now is your chance! In order to encourage you to give, we’ve added a new reward: your likeness being used in one of the film’s animated sequences – plus a “Thanks” credit, all for just $70.

For more information, go to kickstarter.com/projects/sequart/diagram-for-delinquents and fredricwertham.com


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