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DICE Releases First Battlefield 3: Aftermath Trailer

With Armored Kill available now to every user on every platform, DICE has decided it’s time to build up the hype machine for the next entry in their well planned and arguably well executed DLC system. Today the first trailer for Battlefield 3: Aftermath has been released and gives a decent glimpse in to what to expect from the urban warfare DLC pack.


Now that DICE has explored both the intense Call of Duty style with Close Quarters and the classic open battlefield style of Armored Kill, it would appear that Aftermath looks to strike a balance between these two extremes.  The trailer displays a collection of destroyed and dismantled wastelands that are likely to play out in similar style to original maps Grand Bazaar and Seine Crossing with tight streets mixed in with open courtyards and bridges. The final title screen mentions “4 new maps” once again as well as “post-earthquake environments” and “urban warfare”. These two traits are likely to be a significant feature in the layout and design of the four maps, but what this means for gameplay is up for speculation. To be honest it’s just a shame DICE couldn’t work out a way to have earthquakes actually occurring mid-game. That would have been cool.


As for other new info, the trailer notes that a new game mode will feature as well as new vehicles, assignments and achievements/trophies. Perhaps the game mode will play off the earthquake theme, or maybe this will be a whole new concept. As for new vehicles I would guess that we won’t be seeing whole new vehicle types but rather new versions of current classes. For instance new recon helicopters or APCs that match the urban warfare style.


Battlefield 3: Aftermath releases on an as yet unannounced date during December, you can check out the new trailer below. Be sure to check back here at Player Affinity for the latest on Battlefield 3.



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