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Didio and Giffen To Pen New Title

One of the best writer/artist combos at DC at this very moment have rejoined forces to bring readers another must read. In what surely must be a dream come true for fans of the "New 52" series of OMAC, writer Dan Didio (Outsiders, Eclipso #1) and co-writer/artist Keith Giffen (Justice League 3000, Ambush Bug) are going to be coming back together to collaborate on an upcoming series. Presumably the series will be one of the new books launched in June and/or July as Didio himself teased months earlier. While not much is known at the present moment, Didio did reveal that the book will be a resurrected "cult favorite". While Didio might not be the mst subtle of writers, he has shown himself to be quite the idea man.   Dan's tweet     What could is possibly be? What could be the book that two powerhouses of imagination, while admittedly one needs the restraining force of the other, could work on together? Only time will tell. Thoughts and guesses would be appreciated below.    


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