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Didio and Giffen’s New (Gods) Book Revealed

Dan Didio and Keith Giffen have proven themselves incapable of letting go. While that might not usually have good connotations, it definitely helps if you're two of the biggest Jack Kirby fans at DC Comics right now. Not only that, but these two seem adamant about keeping some of The King's most famed and iconic properties afloat. First with OMAC and now, in their finally announced new series, yet another helping of the "Fourth World": Infinity Man and the Forever People! A reboot of the cult "Fourth World" title, not much is known about this series other than Didio and Giffen will be co-writing with Giffen providing the art with the first cover being used as promotional art.  

Forever People

  The cover shows the main cast with slight alterations, in descending order, Mark Moonrider, Big Bear, Beautiful Dreamer, Vykin the Bold (formerly Vykin the Black), and Serafina (formerly the male Serifan). Their series will cover their formation as a team and their discovery of the "mysterious entity known as the Infinity Man" that binds them together. The series is set to hit shelves this June. Will this fair any better than the 8-issue run of OMAC, are people prepared and wanting of the "Fourth World" to come back in full blast? Thoughts and comments would be appreciated below.


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