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‘Die Hard 5’ Finally Gets a Director

Twentieth Century Fox’s Die Hard franchise put Bruce Willis on the map as an action star and has endured as a must-see for action lovers. The series’ fourth installment, Live Free or Die Hard, pulled in its budget threefold across the globe, so a follow-up was surely in order.

Thankfully for fans of John McClane, Die Hard 5 is finally taking the necessary steps to getting off the ground. Deadline Hollywood reports that Max Payne director John Moore is currently negotiating to take the helm of the film. Fox wasn’t at all hesitant for Moore to hop on board since he’s done all of his work with them, but it took a little bit of convincing on Willis’ end.

Moore hasn’t had a film reach blockbuster status, though his biggest grosser, a remake of the horror classic The Omen, pulled in over $100 million globally. Nevertheless, a “Die Hard” film will pull in big money as long as Willis is there, regardless of who is or isn’t behind the camera.


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