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“Die Hard 5” recruits a director

The fifth "Die Hard" is a step closer to becoming a reality with the hiring of a director. Noam Murro, director of the comedy Smart People starring Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page and Sarah Jessica Parker, has been tapped.

Smart People might be Murro's only screen credits, but he has done well in the world of commercials. He has been nominated five times for best commercial director by the DGA and impressed with his recent Halo advertisements. Some commercial directors have been successful in the action genre and have a very visual style, such as Zack Synder, Ridley Scott and McG.
Fox regular Skip Woods (Hitman, X-Men: Origins: Wolverine and The A-Team) has written a draft, but Vulture has reported that execs are not thrilled with the latest draft. They are apparently looking to do a rewrite, so that means "Die Hard 5" is still a ways off from a green light.
As one would assume, Bruce Willis is expected to return as battle-hardened cop John McClane for the latest instalment. 

The previous film, Live Free or Die Hard, made over $383 million with a PG-13 rating, but fans of the original three films will want the latest adventure to be an R-rated affair.


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