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Digital Deal – Transformers Comics All .99 Cents Because of That Movie Thing

If you're like me and were dragged to the first Transformers as an obligation to your friends only to be disappointed and never to watch the film again only to be surprised when they made a second and now a third, then ignore this sale tie in. If you're actually interested in the comics from IDW that are pretty decent, then check out the sale on every single digital platform they offer comics on and pick up awesome books like Hail Megatron and the on-going Transformers series. I myself my check out a lot of the tie-ins I've heard plenty about to see what all the hub-bub is about. You have until the end of Independence Day to get them so really there's no rush. Also that's my birthday if you want to buy me some digital goodness too... just saying.

Here's where to get them:

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