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Digital High Episode 10 – Dead Island woes and our top 3 holiday picks

This week on Digital High we get into why Dead Island is a disappointment, why Warhammer 40k Space Marine is the surprise hit for the year and Donna goes somewhat old-school in her game playing for the week. We also pick our top three choices out of the upcoming fall releases for 2011.

Trailers are abound from TGS with Ninja Gaiden 3, Sould Calibur 5 and Dead or Alive 5. I still can’t believe a fighting game trailer has a mirror match in it, but you can never have too much Ryu Hayabusa. In light of the story regarding Heavy Rain and used games, we also discuss whether or not games really are too expensive and how their pricing can be improved.

Quite a bit of news to discuss also, everybody’s favorite game retailer entering the tablet scene, Nintendo losing money due the 3DS and the studio behind Bodycount are being closed down.

You can listen to us on iTunes as well as the official podcast page.


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