Turn off the Lights

Digital High Episode 13

Vince is back to his usual self with not liking stuff this week. There is also a mention of a rather questionable new feature, but more on that later. In this episode, Donna and Vince cover the week's news and trailers, the biggest among them perhaps being the lengthy demo for the new Hitman game. Also on this week's show, Red Dead will not find its way to the PC unfortunately, Batman: Arkham City has some DLC confirmed (because what game doesn't) and some brief thoughts on the changes coming to Gears 3.

In the form of announcements this week, we will be taking user questions. Yes, that means you! So get in touch either via Twitter, Facebook or just post your question here in the comments. As always, you can catch up on all the episodes on our official podcast page http://playeraffinity.com/podcast.html 


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