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Digital High Episode 14

It may come as a surprise to you that Batman: Arkham City is talked about this week, as well as Crysis and a little more on Rage. Battlefield 3 got yet another multiplayer trailer, showing, well... more Battlefield 3 multiplayer footage. In other news, Harrison Ford is in a commercial for Uncharted 3 for a reason that I’m sure made enough sense and Rocket Birds Hardboiled Chicken is coming to the Playstation Network. Which you should buy purely because of its name.  

The Vita has a release date for the US, that being February 2nd 2012, Resistance 3 didn’t sell well and bizarrely enough Capcom announced an HD collection of the original three Devil May Cry games, because we all know that Devil May Cry went straight to 3 after the first. DMC2 never happened for whatever reason. As always, you can catch up on every episode at our official Podcast page and be sure to send in any questions you want answered and let us know how you think zombies could overpower a tank.



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