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Digital High Episode 23

This week on Digital High we talk about boobs, Ivy’s from Soul Calibur 5 to be more precise and how they can still cause controversy even now after so many years of Voldo being way more creepy and unsafe for children. As always we go over what we have been playing, which covers Resistance 3, Saints Row 3 and the first notable release of 2012 and that is Qube. Just in case you don’t quite get my sentiments from the podcast, you really need to play Qube, like now.

In other news, Ghost Recon Future Soldier get delayed for the 217th time, the Silent Hill HD collection is finally coming out and a brief discussion on Gamestops views regarding streaming replacing consoles. Which for some reason, they don’t think will catch on, one can’t possibly imagine why. Be sure to catch us next week, when hopefully there will be more news.




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