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Digital High Episode 24

Despite what you may have heard, there is not a new Resident Evil movie coming out this year, I mean surely they can’t keep making those dreadful movies, right... RIGHT?! Speaking of Resident Evil though, Resident Evil 6 was totally announced last week with a release date and trailer and everything! Just got to wait now for the inevitable delay where it gets moved to March of 2013 but going by that trailer, the series is yet again heading in a new direction. In other news, there has been a ton of DLC announced for Modern Warfare 3 over the next 9 months, which includes expansions for the Spec Ops mode and the Mass Effect 3 beta will launch mid-February for all your Battlefield 3 players, and three days later for everyone else for some reason.

All that and more plus some thoughts on the Playstaion Vita after my time with it last weekend, and for anyone wondering, the system is pretty darn great. Be sure to catch up on all things Digital High on the podcast page! http://playeraffinity.com/podcast.html




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