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Digital High Episode 30

As I’m sure most of you are aware, GDC happened last week, which was surprisingly light on the news/announcements front. Not to worry though, as perhaps an even bigger thing happened last week, I am of course talking about Mass Effect 3 coming out. We hand it over to Vince for all the not-so-gory details as I’m sure we’ll be doing for several weeks to come because me and Donna will probably never play it, you’ll just have to get over that as best you can.

Still more noteworthy news this week, notorious game designer Peter Molyneux is leaving Lionhead studios and Microsoft to pursue other ventures with the new studio dubbed "22 Cans". The creative Director for Rainbow 6 is gone (anyone else dying to see something about that game?) and there is going to be a sequel to Angry Birds, set in space. Because, seriously, who didn’t expect that was going to happen, the sequel part, not about it being set in space, which actually looks pretty awesome.

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