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Digital High – GDC, PAX East, Bioshock Infinite, and why Gears isn’t worth $60

We cover quite a bit this week. We're joined by Marquice who's at GDC and Donna just got back from PAX East somewhat disappointed. We also discuss Gears of War: Judgement, the early parts of Bioshock Infinite (no spoilers are given), and a few big trailers from last week (Battlefield 4 and MGS5).

Episode Guide
- 0:00-44:00 = GDC & PAX East (Oculus Rift, AC5, and other topics)
- 44:00-55:00 = Gears of War Judgment Discussion
- 55:00-1:11:00 = Bioshock Infinite Discussion
- 1:11:00-1:36:00 = Gaming News

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