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Direct2Drive Begins Rockstar Week

Amazon got us off to a very early start on the relentless pre-Christmas sales frenzy with their "Prelude To Black Friday Deals", now Direct 2 Drive has joined in with a week of sales on games by Rockstar Games which will run from now through Friday, with one game on sale each day.  Today (Monday) it is Manhunt 2, which has been marked down by 75% to $4.99.  The Manhunt series never quite got the critical success of Rockstar's other franchises, and deservedly so, due to Manhunt's gratuitous gore and mediocre gameplay.  The second game in the series is a bit better than the first, but the increase in quality was drastically overshadowed at launch by the hysterical controversy about the Wii version's use of motion-sensing controls.  
Many CNN talking heads, and morning talk show squawkers were certain that using the Wiimote to simulate an act of violence would surely turn a generation of children into axe murderers.  Fortunately, us PC Gamers don't need to worry about that.  We can use our mice to play this killographic murder simulator without any fear of any threat to our moral fiber.  Of course we do need to be concerned about the price and quality of our games, so this big price drop on a mediocre game might be enough to temp gamers into giving Manhunt a shot.  We'll cover all of D2D's offerings over the course of Rockstar Week.


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