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DirecTV Subscribers In Danger of Losing Fox’s Cable Networks

It isn't the first and it won't be the last, but another carriage dispute has broken out, this time between satellite provider DirecTV and Fox Networks. The stalled negotiations could mean subscribers will be without any of Fox's cable stations come November 1st. The deadline is a result of DirecTV holding out against a supposed license-fee increase of 40% by Fox. Though the loss of FX will certainly have the biggest impact if a deal is not reached, subscribers will also lose National Geographic Channel, Fuel TV, Speed, Fox Movie Channel, Fox Soccer, Fox Deportes, and the host of Fox regional sports networks.

The dispute is quite reminiscent of the previous standoff between Fox and Dish Network, but this one is hopefully going to end more quickly. Almost exactly one year ago, Fox channels were pulled from the Dish Network lineup leaving subscribers stuck without them until an agreement was finally brokered.

As is usual with these disputes, both sides blame the other for potentially leaving viewers without the channels they've come to expect. DirecTV claims that they are defending their customers against an unfair hike to their subscription fee, while Fox announced that the satellite provider refuses to negotiate and would rather make threats like the November 1st cutoff.  To hear Fox's side you can visit KeepMyNets, while DirecTV also has there own soapbox set up at OurPromiseToYou.


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