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DirecTV Will Continue To Carry Fox Networks

Though it wasn't quite down to the eleventh hour, things sure came close, as the new carriage agreement between DirecTV and Fox wasn't finalized until the afternoon before the satellite provider's midnight cutoff. Apparently ending earlier than expected so the execs could take their children trick or treating, the new deal means DirecTV will continue to carry all of Fox's cable networks, including FX and the regional sports stations. Fox Broadcasting's local affiliates, whose contract was up at the end of this year, are also in the clear.

There was no information released on the agreement's numbers, but an insider has claimed Fox walked away with a double digit percentage increase to their license-fee. Before the deal was brokered, DirecTV claimed that Fox was after a 40% jump in fees, but Fox dismissed the claim, declaring they were only asking for an amount consistent with what other providers were being asked to pay.

A joint statement released by both sides expressed DirecTV and Fox's views on an agreement finally being reached; “We both know the past ten days have been challenging, but we’re pleased that both sides could eventually come together to ensure our viewers continue to enjoy Fox programming.”


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