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DISCussion: New on DVD and Blu-ray (12.10.2013)

Here's this weeks entry of DISCussion, in where we take a look at the latest films to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray! Big is now 25 years old and to celebrate the Silver Anniversary it has been re-released onto Blu-ray. The Blu-ray has an extended cut of the movie and the usual array of deleted scenes and behind the scenes documentaries. First Release - Fast & Furious 6 (DVD and Blu-ray) - Despicable Me 2 (DVD and Blu-ray) - The Hunt (DVD and Blu-ray) - Man of Tai Chi (DVD and Blu-ray) - Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor (DVD and Blu-ray) - The Angels' Share (DVD) Re-Release - Mary Poppins  (1964) (DVD and Blu-ray) - Big (1988) (Blu-ray) - Grey Gardens (1976) (Blu-ray) - The Big Gundown (1966) (Blu-ray) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) (DVD) big blu-ray Big (1988) (Blu-ray) *Recommendation of the Week* Directed by Penny Marshall Written by Gary Ross, Anne Spielberg Starring: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia, John Heard Tom Hanks has starred in many movies and the movie that made him a star was the family comedy Big which he earned a Oscar nomination for. Josh (David Moscow) is a 12-year-old who wishes to be big and wakes up as an adult (Hanks). So Josh has to hold down a job, suffer the pitfalls of adulthood and convince his best friend that he is his old self. Big is a beloved movie that has been parodied in many shows, from The Simpsons to Alvin andthe Chipmunks. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 97% (excellent) Entertainment Fuse Score: 7.5/10 DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features: Collectible sound chip (“Heart & Soul”) O-ring packaging; One of three exclusive "Zoltar" fortune teller cards; Big Extended Cut; Big Brainstorming Audio Documentary by Writers/Co-Producers Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg; Deleted Scenes, Including 5 with Intros by Director Penny Marshall; Big Beginnings; Chemistry of a Classic; The Work of Play; Hollywood Backstories: Big; Carnival Party Newswrap Amazon Price: $12.96 (Blu-ray) There are many releases and re-releases that cater to many tastes this week, with movies like Fast & Furious 6, Despicable Me 2, The Hunt and Mary Poppins all coming out. fast and furious 6 blu-ray Fast & Furious 6 (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Justin Lin Written by Chris Morgan (screenplay), Gary Scott Thompson (characters) Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Sung Kang, Luke Evans, Gina Carano Fast Five was the movie that revitalized the Fast & Furious series and the sixth entry was a highly anticipated movie. Fast & Furious 6 is bigger, with the action taking place in London, Los Angeles and Southern Spain with the regular players coming back and being joined by Luke Evans (The Raven, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) and Gina Carano (Haywire). After the events of Fast Five Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew have gone their separate ways. But a new threat emerges in the form of Owen Shaw (Evans), a former SAS soldier turned mercenary who is causing mayhem across Europe and stealing military hardware. Left with no choice American Federal Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) turns to Toretto and co. to help him stop Shaw with the promise of full pardons. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 70% (good) Metacritic Rating: 61/100 (good) Entertainment Fuse Score: 6.5/10 (read our review) DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features: Deleted Scenes; The Making of Fast & Furious 6: The Fastest of Them All – Explore the epic saga of the Fast films from Fast 3 through 4, 5 and now 6.; The Making of Fast & Furious 6: Reuniting the Team – The return of all the characters (and actors) that make up the larger Fast family.; The Making of Fast & Furious 6: Letty’s Return – Explore how the creative team engineered Michelle Rodriguez’s (“Letty”) resurrection.; The Making of Fast & Furious 6: The Mastermind and the Mole – Meet the Fast Six “newbies” – Luke Evans (“Shaw”) and Gina Carano (“Riley”).; On the Set with Vin – On location in Tenerife, Vin talks through a stunt he is about to perform.; Feature Commentary with Director Justin Lin Additional Blu-ray Special Features: Extended Edition; Take Control – Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Director Justin Lin appear at key moments throughout the film, offering observations and reflections on the movie; Planes, Tanks and Automobiles: The London Chase – See how Justin Lin and his team pulled off car-flipping mayhem on a breathtaking scale in the city of London; Planes, Tanks and Automobiles: Highway Heist: The Convoy Attack – Dominic’s gang saves the day in this high-velocity battle featuring a tank, an armored cargo carrier, a harpoon weapon and more; Planes, Tanks and Automobiles: The Antonov Takedown – Spotlighting Fast Six’s spectacular finale, with the biggest plane on Earth in the mix; Planes, Tanks and Automobiles: Dom and Letty Race Again; Gearhead’s Delight – From the shop to the test track, to the set and back again, a look at the latest hot cars showcased in Fast Six; The Flip Car – We’ll get an inside look at the Fast franchise’s newest mind-blowing vehicle – the pivoting FLIP car; Hand to Hand Fury – This jam-packed featurette gives viewers a detailed look at the rehearsals, choreography, stunt work and filming of Fast Six’s other bone-jarring fight sequences. Amazon Price: $16.99 (DVD), $19.99 (Blu-ray) Score (DVDTalk.com): Content 5 stars, Video 5 stars, Audio 5 stars, Extras 5 stars, Replay 5 stars (out of 5). DVD Talk Collector Series despicable me 2 3d blu-ray Despicable Me 2 (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud Written by Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio Starring: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, Elsie Fisher, Dana Gaier Gru and the minions are in the sequel to Despicable Me. Following the events of the first movie Gru (Steve Carell) has given up his villainous ways and started working in the jams and jellies business whilst being a father to his adopted daughters. But a supervillain has stolen a mutagen known as PX-41 and with no leads The Anti-Villain League turn to Gru believing they need a villain to catch a villain and team him up with Agent Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig). Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 75% (very good) Metacritic Rating: 62/100 (good) Entertainment Fuse Score: 6.8/100 (read our review) DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features:  Gru's Girls—Miranda Cosgrove, Elsie Kate Fisher and Dana Gaier weigh in on working with Steve Carell and playing the daughters of a world-famous super-villain!; Gadgets Galore—Lipstick tasers, magnet ships, foam dart dispensers and jelly guns—these are the nifty gadgets of Despicable Me 2. Illumination Entertainment pulls back the curtain on what it takes to build a world that would leave even James Bond envious; Feature Commentary With Directors Chris Renaud & Pierre Coffin Additional Blu-ray Special Features: Three All-New Mini-Movies Starring the Minions—Introduced by Gru: Puppy, Panic in the Mailroom and Training Wheels; The Making of the Mini-Movies—A fun-filled take on the making of the mini-movies through the eyes of the artists who made them; Deleted Scene; The Minions—A visit to Illumination Entertainment in Paris and Los Angeles to hear what it's really like to work with the Minions; Evil Minions—Bigger, badder and more purple than ever, the newest and fiercest addition to the Minion species can chew through metal and swallow a car. Find out more about the process that led to their creation and design;  A Gru-Some Transformation—A sit-down with Steve Carell as he discusses the transformation of Gru from the ultimate; El Hombre Malo: The Villainy Of El Macho—Every great story needs a good villain, and Despicable Me 2 brings on the diabolico in the form of El Macho! Learn about the creation of this character and the actor who brought him to life—Benjamin Bratt. Amazon Price: $16.99 (DVD), $19.99 (Blu-ray), $24.99 (3D Blu-ray) Score (DVDTalk.com): Content 4 stars, Video 4.5 stars, Audio 4.5 stars, Extras 3.5 stars, Replay 4 stars (out of 5). Highly Recommended. the hunt blu-ray The Hunt (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Thomas Vinterberg Written by Tobias Lindholm, Thomas Vinterberg Starring: Mads Mikkelsen The Hunt is a critically acclaimed Danish drama which won the Best Actor Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) stars as Lucas, a primary school teacher who is in the center of mass hysteria when he is accused of being a pedophile. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 94% (excellent) Metacritic Rating: 76/100 (very good) DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features: Outtakes/deleted/extended scenes; Making of The Hunt; Alternate ending; Theatrical trailer Amazon Price: $22.93 (DVD), $25.48 (Blu-ray) man of tai chi blu-ray Man of Tai Chi (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Keanu Reeves Written by Michael G. Cooney Starring: Tiger Chen, Keanu Reeves Man of Tai Chi is an old fashion martial arts movie that serves as a Keanu Reeves' directional debut. Tiger Chen Linhu (Tiger Chen) is a Tai Chi expert who uses his skills in underground fighting tournaments to try and get the money to save his temple. But the organizer of the fights, Donaka Mark (Reeves) has his own motives. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 71% (good) Metacritic Rating: 53/100 (average) Entertainment Fuse Score: 7.0/10 (read our review) DISC DETAILS Amazon Price: $14.98 (DVD), $19.98 (Blu-ray) doctor who day of the doctor blu-ray Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Nick Hurran Written by Steven Moffat Starring: Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper, Jemma Redgrave, Joanna Page Doctor Who celebrated its 50th Anniversary with the release of The Day of Doctor which was released in both theaters and on television. This 50th Anniversary special not only features Matt Smith and his companion Jenna Coleman but also David Tennant, John Hurt and Billie Piper as the episode follows both the final days of the Time Wars where the Doctor destroyed his own race to stop the Daleks and follows the various Doctors with Clara (Coleman) and UNIT stop an invasion of Earth in Elizabethan England and modern day London. Entertainment Fuse Score: 8.5/10 DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features: Doctor Who Explained; Behind the Scenes; 2 x Mini-Episodes, "The Night of the Doctor" and "The Last Day"; Trailers Amazon Price: $19.99 (DVD), $23.99 (3D Blu-ray) the angels' share dvd The Angels' Share (DVD) Directed by Ken Loach Written by Paul Laverty Starring: Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw, William Ruane, Gary Maitland The prolific political director Ken Loach (Kes, Looking for Eric) returns with a Scottish set comedy-drama. Robbie (Paul Brannigan) is a repeat offender who narrowly misses out on a prison sentence because his girlfriend (Siobhan Reilly) is about to give birth to his child. Determined to turn his life around Robbie finds it in the most unlikely way, through the whisky distillery business. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 89% (excellent) Metacritic Rating: 66/100 (good) Entertainment Fuse Score: 7.5/10 DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features: Deleted scenes; Trailer Amazon Price: $22.98 (DVD) mary poppins blu-ray Mary Poppins (1964) (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Robert Stevenson Written by Bill Walsh, Don DaGradi (screenplay),P.L. Travers (novel) Starring: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns, Karen Dotrice, Matthew Garber The bio-pic about author P.L. Travers, Saving Mr. Banks is about to hit theaters and the movie about her most famous creation, Mary Poppins is set to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, so now is a great time for it to be released by Disney. In Edwardian London the children of a cold banker place an ad for a nanny which is found by a magical nanny, Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews). Armed with her umbrella and singing Mary sets out to help both the children and their father. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 98% (excellent) Entertainment Fuse Score: 6.5/10 DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features: Disney's Song Selection Poppins pop-up fun facts Additional Blu-ray Special Features: All-new becoming mr. sherman - enjoy a conversation between legendary composer Richard Sherman and actor Jason Schwartzman (who plays Richard Sherman In Saving Mr. Banks) about writing songs for Mary Poppins; All-new mary-oke sing-along; Deleted song "Chimpanzoo"; A magical reunion with Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke and Richard Sherman; Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: the making of Mary Poppins Amazon Price: $19.99 (DVD), $24.99 (Blu-ray) grey gardens blu-ray Grey Gardens (1976) (Blu-ray) Directed by Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer Starring: Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale, Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale From the Criterion Collection this is week is the re-release of the documentary Grey Gardens. This documentary follows 80-year-old Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale and her middle aged daughter Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale who living in a decaying mansion in Long Island. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 89% (excellent) Entertainment Fuse Score: 8.0/10 DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features: New 2K digital film restoration, approved by codirector Albert Maysles, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack; The Beales of Grey Gardens, the 2006 sequel to the film; Audio commentary for Grey Gardens, featuring Maysles and codirectors Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer, along with associate producer Susan Froemke; Introduction to The Beales of Grey Gardens by Maysles; Audio excerpts from a 1976 interview with Little Edie Beale, conducted by Kathryn G. Graham; Interviews with fashion designers Todd Oldham and John Bartlett on the continuing influence of Grey Gardens; Behind-the-scenes photographs Amazon Price: $25.98 (Blu-ray) Score (DVDTalk.com): Content 4 stars, Video 4 stars, Audio 3.5 stars, Extras 3.5 stars, Replay 3.5 stars (out of 5). Highly Recommended. the big gundown blu-ray The Big Gundown (1966) (Blu-ray) Directed by Sergio Sollima Written by Sergio Sollima, Sergio Donati Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Tomas Milian, Walter, Gerard Herter The Big Gundown is a Spaghetti Western about Jonathan 'Colorado' Corbett (Lee Van Cleef, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly), a Texan lawman who goes on the hunt for a Mexican peasant who is accused of raping and murdering a 12-year-old girl. DISC DETAILS DVD Special Features: Four Disc Deluxe Edition Combo Pack - Two Blu-rays, One DVD And One Bonus CD; Spectacular New 2K Digital Restoration Of The Original Uncensored  English Language Version, Newly expanded With Three Additional Scenes; LA RESA DEI CONTI - The Complete, 110 Minute Director's Cut   Presented In Italian With Optional English Bubtitles And Special   Musical Subtitles; Bonus CD - THE BIG GUNDOWN - Original Soundtrack By Ennio Morricone; Compelling In-Depth Interviews With Director Sergio Sollima, Star   Tomas Milian And Screenwriter Sergio Donati (ONCE UPON A TIME IN   THE WEST); Audio Commentary By Western Film Experts C. Courtney Joyner And   Henry C. Parke; Liner Notes By C. Courtney Joyner And Euro-Music Expert Gergely Hubai; Extensive Still Galleries, Trailers And TV Spots; AND OTHER SURPRISES! Amazon Price: $34.99 (Blu-ray) the secret life of walter mitty dvd The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) (DVD) Directed by Norman Z. McLeod Written by Ken Englund, Everett Freeman, Philip Rapp (screenplay), James Thurber (short story) Starring: Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, Boris Karloff, Fay Bainter, Ann Rutherford The Ben Stiller adaptation of James Thurber's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty will soon be in theaters, so the 1947 version has been re-released onto DVD. Danny Kaye plays the title character, a daydreaming proofreader who meets a mysterious woman who says she knows the location of the meeting Dutch Crown Jewels. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 80% (very good) DISC DETAILS Amazon Price: $12.99 (DVD)


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