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DISCussion: New on DVD and Blu-Ray 6.23.15

"New on DVD and Blu-ray this Week!"
We have a good bunch of new releases this week and a couple Criterion selections thrown in for good measure. However our pick of the week goes to the Mission: Impossible Quadrilogy. New Releases: Survivor - (DVD and Blu-ray) The Forger - (DVD and Blu-ray) Pound of Flesh - (DVD and Blu-ray) Mission: Impossible Quadrilogy - (DVD and Blu-ray) An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success (DVD and Blu-ray) Meet Me There - (DVD and Blu-ray) Re-releases: The Fisher King (1991) - (DVD and Blu-ray Criterion Edition) Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro (1979) (DVD and Blu-ray) The Bridge (1959) - (DVD and Blu-ray Criterion Edition) Needful Things (1993) - (Blu-ray) 6.23.15MISet81U0G1zYvwL._SL1500_ Mission: Impossible Quadrilogy - (Blu-ray) *Recommendation of the Week* Directed by Brian DePalma, John Woo, JJ Abrams and Brad Bird Written by David Koepp, Robert Towne (M:I), Robert Towne (M:I II), Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, JJ Abrams (M:I III), Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec (M:I Ghost Protocol) Starring: Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Ving Rhames, Maggie Q, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Dougary Scott, Thandie Newton, Paula Patton With the fifth installment of the series hitting theaters later this summer, what better time is there touch base with the Impossible Missions Force? The series has mostly had an solid run (depending on who you ask) and at this point, shows no signs of slowing down. Neither does Tom Cruise. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 61%/ 57%/ 70%/93% (Good to Excellent) Metacritic: 60%/ 60%/ 66%/ 73% IMDB: 7.1/ 6.0/ 6.8/ 7.4 Entertainment Fuse: 6.5-8.5/10 DISC DETAILS Amazon: $37.77 (Blu-ray) 6.23.15Survivor71djoY+olnL._SL1024_ Survivor (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by James McTeigue Written by Phillip Shelby Starring: Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster Mysteriously framed for a terrorist bombing, a Foreign Service Officer (Milla Jovovich) must do whatever she can to escape incarceration by the government and certain doom at the hands of a dangerous assassin (Pierce Brosnan) if she is going to have any chance at stopping those who seek an even bigger end game. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 6% (Very poor) Metacritic: 26% (Bad) IMDB: 5.5/10 (Okay) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $11.98 (Blu-ray); $9.99 (DVD) 6.23.15TheForger51s88tqY8BL The Forger (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Philip Martin Written by Richard D'Ovidio Starring: John Travolta, Christopher Plummer, Abigail Spencer, Jennifer Ehle, Tye Sheridan, Victor Gojcaj The best art forger in the world (John Travolta) is released from prison early, thanks to a mysterious arrangement in order to spend precious time with his ailing son. The trade off though, is that he must do one last job for those who made it possible to secure his early release. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 6% (Very poor) Metacritic: 32% (Bad) IMDB: 5.6/10 (Okay) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $12.98 (Blu-ray); $11.99 (DVD) 6.23.15PoundofFlesh91C9ZKrXVOL._SL1500_ Pound of Flesh (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Ernie Barbarash Written by Joshua James Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Darren Shahlavi Former black-ops agent Deacon (Van Damme) finds himself in the Philippines in order to donate one of his kidneys to his dying niece. But when he awakes to find that he is the latest victim of organ theft, he embarks on a bloody rampage to find the thieves and exact his revenge. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 18% (Poor) Metacritic: 41% (Bad) IMDB: 5.2/10 (Mediocre) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $18.99 (Blu-ray); $19.99 (DVD) 6.23.15Grace91n0yfm1U1L._SL1500_ An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success (DVD) and Blu-ray) Directed by Vince Marcello Written by Jessica O'Toole, Amy Rardin (Based on "Grace" by Mary Casanova) Starring: Olivia Rodrigo Girl of the Year Grace Thomas finds herself on an unexpected trip Paris in order to save the struggling bakery owned by her grandparents. Ultimately, she joins a season of MasterChef Junior to showcase her cooking skill, but will it be enough? IMDB: 7.0/10 (Good) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $17.98 (Blu-ray); $12.99 (DVD) 6.23.15MeetMeThere81-r7fD2VYL._SL1500_ Meet Me There (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Lex Lybrand Written by Brandon Stroud Starring: Brandon Stroud, Destiny Talley Ada suffers from extreme intimacy issues. Believing that her traumatic past to be the cause, she attempts to travel back to her hometown in Oklahoma in order to face whatever nightmares there are so that she may live a normal life. However, she and her boyfriend Calvin discover that travel to Oklahoma may not have been a good idea. IMDB: 7.9/10 (Very Good) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $32.95 (Blu-ray);  $8.59 (DVD) 6.23.15TheFisherKing91f-sa0Y9GL._SL1500_ The Fisher King (1991) - (DVD and Blu-ray Criterion Edition) Directed by Terry Gilliam Written by Richard LaGravenese Starring: Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges Shock jock Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges), inadvertently provokes a caller to commit mass murder. In the years following the incident Lucas is depressed and ready to commit suicide until he meets a homeless man named Parry (Robin Williams), whose wife was a victim of the caller's rampage. Feeling responsible for Parry's loss Lucas vows to help in the quest of finding the Holy Grail. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 85% (Excellent) IMDB: 7.8/10 (Very Good) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $10.99 (Blu-ray); $4.99 (DVD) 6.23.15Lupin3rd81-8xmpl24L._SL1271_ Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro  (1979) - (DVD and Blu-ray) Directed by Hayao Miyazaki Written by Haruya Yamazaki and Hayao Miyazaki Starring: Yasuo Yamada, Eiko Masuyama, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Makio Inoue, Goro Naya, Sumi Shimamoto, Taro Ishida Lupin III is a successful master thief, but when he learns the money he stole from a casino is nothing more than counterfeit currency, he travels to a place called Cagliostro, which is supposed to be the source of the forgery. There he meets a beautiful princess being forced against her will to marry the count in order to find the legendary treasure. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 90% (Excellent) IMDB: 7.8/10 (Very Good) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $14.99 (Blu-ray); $15.29 (DVD) 6.23.15TheBridge813KxhsNbCL._SL1500_ The Bridge (1959) - (DVD and Blu-ray Criterion Edition) Directed by Bernhard Wicki Written by Karl-Wilhelm Viver and Bernhard Wicki (based on the novel by Manfred Gregor) Starring: Folker Bohnet, Fritz Wepper World War II is coming to an end, but it isn't over yet. A small German town is the focal point and in the backdrop, as American forces move closer. Seven teenage boys are excited being so close to all the action, not realized the gravity of the situation. Soon though, they unexpectedly get what they want: to be close to the war. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 67% (Okay) IMDB: 7.0/10 (Good) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $22.99 (Blu-ray); $29.95 (DVD) 6.23.15NeedfulThings81iv9AnNuqL._SL1500_ Needful Things (1993) - (Blu-ray) Directed by Fraser C. Heston Written by W.D. Richter (based on the novel Needful Things by Stephen King) Starring: Max von Sydow, Ed Harris, Bonnie Bedelia, J.T. Walsh, Amanda Plummer A small town in Maine gets shaken up from the inside as an older gentleman (Max von Sydow) moves into town to open up an antique shop with the power to sell people exactly what they want which is something the older gentleman has a solid command over. The bad news is that the residents of this small town are in for a surprise; and it isn't a happy one. Critics Rating (Rotten Tomatoes): 26% (Poor) IMDB: 6.2/10 (Okay) DISC DETAILS Amazon: $17.99 (Blu-ray)


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