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Dishonored 2 Release Date Announced

"The newest magic-steampunk-stealth game from Bethesda coming to us this November"
The sequel to Bethesda’s supernatural Industrial Age-esque stealth game, Dishonored, has come out with the announcement of its release date: November 11, 2016. Here’s last year’s E3 trailer for context: https://youtu.be/UnsDyv-TtJg The original Dishonored was a very unique game blending steampunk/clockwork type weapons with mysterious magic and tossing the result into a stealth/assassin based game that had a heavy emphasis on your choice as a player. The way you chose to overcome your obstacles heavily influenced the way the story played out. You always had a choice to sneak around all of your enemies, kill them all, or some mix of the two. That and the large array of powers and weapons you could choose made each play-through different from the next. Dishonored 2 looks like it will continue that trend of emphasizing player choice. This time you even get to choose between two characters: Corvo Attano, the protagonist from the original game, and Emily Kaldren, the (now grown) little girl who was kidnapped in the original game. Be prepared to sneak from rooftop to rooftop and to choose between sneaking around that guard or stabbing him in the neck come this fall.


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