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Dishonored’s 2nd DLC Offering Dated & Priced

Ready for some more Dunwall? Last year's sleeper hit Dishonored is getting its second downloadable content offering, sooner then you probably think. The Knife of Dunwall, has you playing as the famous assassin, Duad, whom you may remember is the assassin whom framed you at the beginning events of the original game. Duad will be receiving his own weapons, gadgets, and supernatural abilities, on top of his own legion of allies to call.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this new piece of content is that it will add areas of Dunwall that haven't been previously seen in the game. It is always nice to see a developer add areas that weren't originally in their game.

The Knife of Dunwall will be available on April 16th for 800 MS Points ($10).


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