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Disney Epic Mickey Gameplay Trailer is Suitably Epic

In just over a month, Wii owners will finally be able to get their hands on Disney Epic Mickey, and to make the wait just that much tougher, Warren Spector and the folks at Junction Point Studios have released a gameplay trailer. The trailer doesn’t reveal any hidden revelations, but it does hint at the fun mechanics and encounters that gamers can expect in a few weeks. See for yourself below.

For those who don’t know, Epic Mickey takes place in a world of forgotten Disney characters from the past--namely the ones so obscure that you don’t see them walking around Walt Disney World taking photos with children.  After a curious Mickey accidentally releases an evil ink blot that wreaks havoc on these former cartoon stars, he is reluctantly dragged into their own altered version of the Disney theme park to fix his mistake.  Much like how his actions have transformed this once peaceful world, Mickey’s decisions have an effect on his demeanor and the characters around him--the developer has gone on record a number of times stating that Mickey’s choices, heroic or mischievous, will have a profound impact on how the game unfolds, hinting at branching paths and multiple endings.

During his adventure, Mickey has access to a paintbrush with which he can erase or create objects and characters in the world around him by “painting” over them.  By all appearances, this seems to be a similar mechanic to the F.L.U.D.D. water pack found in Super Mario Sunshine, though with an improved control scheme due to the Wii remote’s pointer which makes aiming much more intuitive. The game also includes a number of side-scrolling levels, as Mickey literally explores his past, traversing through levels based off of classic Mickey cartoon shorts, including Steamboat Willie and Jungle Rhythm.  Most of the game however, deals with exploring 3D environments based off of Disney’s more famous theme park attractions.  

From all of the information released thus far, it seems like Mickey is attempting to join the ranks of Mario and Ratchet when it comes to top-tier platforming.  The gameplay seems fun and relatively unique due to the paintbrush and how Mickey’s choices affect the plot, and there appear to be more than enough obscure references to please even the most die-hard of Disney fans. Disney Epic Mickey is scheduled to release exclusively on the Wii in the US on November 30th.


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