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Disney Goes Into The Woods And Comes Out With Ten New Images

Not much has been spoken about the upcoming Disney adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's much-loved musical, Into The Woods, but today the Big Mouse has unveiled ten stills from the movie, exclusively to People. Last year we got a glimpse of Meryl Streep's Witch, but these newly released images have expanded the rogue's gallery of characters to nearly all the cast (which mixes in big screen newcomers from Broadway with aforementioned stars like Streep). The movie tells the tale of characters like The Baker's Wife (Emily Blunt), Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), The Wolf (Johnny Depp) and a handful of other fairy tale royalty journeying into the titular woods and weaving an intricate, interconnected yarn as each quests to make their dreams come true. Check out all of the released images below. [gallery columns="1" ids="56170"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56173"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56176"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56178"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56168"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56174"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56177"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56179"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56180"] [gallery columns="1" ids="56181"] Disney's Into The Woods opens December 25th.


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